Plottern gives you simplicity and interactivity which Spreadsheets lack. Underneath the simple GUI is a set of powerful tools to help you reveal new insights in your data.

Your data done better

Plottern makes analysing large amounts of data much faster by mass processing data across many files and worksheets

Lots of data? No problem

Import multiple Excel and CSV/TSV files at the same time and select all the data or just specific cells and worksheets.

Focus on the data that matters

Select the same data across many files and ignore everything else. No more endless copying and pasting!

Filter out the noise

Filter out anomalies in a single series or across many files with one click using Plottern's powerful filtering tools.

Find new insights

Derive new insights from yours data using a fully featured formula wizard and tools like filters, triggers and moving averages

Zero in on the data you want

Trim out all of the data you don't need and export to a new Excel or CSV file with a few clicks

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Basic features

  • Import multiple CSV (Comma separated) and TSV (Tab separated) files
  • Import multiple XLS/XLSX Excel files
  • Select series across one or more worksheets
  • Select multiple series across multiple files
  • Chose from interactive line, scatter or bar charts
  • Drag to zoom in on the regions which interest you
  • Screenshot areas of interest with 1 click
  • Independently position and scale multiple Y axis series
  • X axis can plot row number (index) or another series in your data
  • Every series can be positioned independently on the X axis, ideal for aligning and comparing signals
  • Isolate sections of data and export snippets to CSV file
  • Merge multiple files or series into 1 new CSV file
  • Auto-scale all axes independently
  • Regular or Log scales on both axes


  • Quickly snip large, bulky files down to just the data you want
  • Processing and storage is done locally for the fastest performance
  • Utilise multiple threads for the best performance with large data sets
  • Work without a limit on file size or number of rows or columns

Compare data

  • Plot as many series as you want on a single graph
  • Spot patterns by overlaying series from multiple files or sources
  • Shift and align series with the mouse or numerically
  • Align peaks and other points of interest with a click

Automatic updates

  • Plottern is under constant development with new features being release regularly
  • The live update feature means you will always have access to the latest features with 1 click.

Advanced features

  • Every math operation or filter creates a new data series so you never lose your original data
  • Combine any of the advanced features to create new data and find patterns and trends

Find new insights using custom expressions

  • Derive new data from two or more datasets by writing your own expressions
  • Powerful built-in Mathematical Expression Engine
  • Create offsets or correction factors
  • Multiply or divide to create friendly units of measurement
  • Basic operators, i.e.: +, -, *, ^, !
  • Boolean logic operators i.e.: or, and, xor
  • Binary relations i.e.: =, <, >
  • Math functions (large library of 1-arg, 2-arg, 3-arg – functions) i.e.: sin, cos, Stirling numbers, log, inverse functions
  • Constants (large library), i.e.: pi, e, golden ratio

Filter out the noise

  • Filter out unwanted values using binary relations such as =, <, >, <=, >=, <>

Find trends in your data with moving averages

  • Calculate moving averages of any period from any series
  • Calculate as many moving averages as you need
  • Moving averages are created as new series which can then be filtered or have further math applied to them

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