Plottern gives you simplicity and interactivity which Spreadsheets lack. Underneath the simple GUI is a set of powerful tools to help you reveal new insights in your data.

Basic features

  • Import multiple CSV (Comma separated) and TSV (Tab separated) files
  • Import multiple XLS/XLSX Excel files
  • Select series across one or more worksheets
  • Select multiple series across multiple files
  • Chose from interactive line, scatter or bar charts
  • Drag to zoom in on the regions which interest you
  • Screenshot areas of interest with 1 click
  • Independently position and scale multiple Y axis series
  • X axis can plot row number (index) or another series in your data
  • Every series can be positioned independently on the X axis, ideal for aligning and comparing signals
  • Isolate sections of data and export snippets to CSV file
  • Merge multiple files or series into 1 new CSV file
  • Auto-scale all axes independently
  • Regular or Log scales on both axes


  • Quickly snip large, bulky files down to just the data you want
  • Processing and storage is done locally for the fastest performance
  • Utilise multiple threads for the best performance with large data sets
  • Work without a limit on file size or number of rows or columns

Compare data

  • Plot as many series as you want on a single graph
  • Spot patterns by overlaying series from multiple files or sources
  • Shift and align series with the mouse or numerically
  • Align peaks and other points of interest with a click

Automatic updates

  • Plottern is under constant development with new features being release regularly
  • The live update feature means you will always have access to the latest features with 1 click.

Advanced features

  • Every math operation or filter creates a new data series so you never lose your original data
  • Combine any of the advanced features to create new data and find patterns and trends

Find new insights using custom expressions

  • Derive new data from two or more datasets by writing your own expressions
  • Powerful built-in Mathematical Expression Engine
  • Create offsets or correction factors
  • Multiply or divide to create friendly units of measurement
  • Basic operators, i.e.: +, -, *, ^, !
  • Boolean logic operators i.e.: or, and, xor
  • Binary relations i.e.: =, <, >
  • Math functions (large library of 1-arg, 2-arg, 3-arg – functions) i.e.: sin, cos, Stirling numbers, log, inverse functions
  • Constants (large library), i.e.: pi, e, golden ratio

Filter out the noise

  • Filter out unwanted values using binary relations such as =, <, >, <=, >=, <>

Find trends in your data with moving averages

  • Calculate moving averages of any period from any series
  • Calculate as many moving averages as you need
  • Moving averages are created as new series which can then be filtered or have further math applied to them

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